Discovering the Fall Season (Reggio USA)

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Fall (Reggio USA), Reggio philosophy

Title:ย “Discovering the Fall Season”

Age Group:ย Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Learning Framework:ย Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – USA

Educational Approach:ย Reggio Emilia

Learning Outcomes (Based on ELOF):

  1. P-SCI 1:ย Child observes and describes observable phenomena.
  2. P-ATL 6:ย Child shows flexibility in adjusting thinking and behavior to different contexts.
  3. P-LIT 1:ย Child attends to, repeats, and uses some rhymes, phrases, or refrains from stories or songs.
  4. P-ATL 11:ย Child expresses interest in and shows appreciation for the creative work of others.

Resources Needed:

  • Fall themed books
  • Pictures of fall scenery and animals
  • Art supplies (paint, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, etc.)
  • Real-life fall objects (leaves, pinecones, pumpkins, etc.)

Lesson Plan:

1. Introduction to Fall (10 minutes):

Start with an engaging story or song about fall. This helps to create a shared understanding of what the season is. Discuss the change in weather, the falling of the leaves, and other characteristic fall phenomena.

2. Sensory Exploration (20 minutes):

Present real-life fall objects like leaves, pinecones, and pumpkins. Allow the children to touch, smell, and explore these items. This not only lets them experience the season’s physical aspects but also encourages scientific observation and description (P-SCI 1).

3. Art and Expression (30 minutes):

Encourage children to create their own fall-inspired artwork using the art supplies. They can draw or paint fall scenery or use the real-life objects to make imprints or collage art.

4. Storytime (15 minutes):

Read a fall-themed story to the children. Encourage them to repeat phrases or refrains to engage with the story and develop their language skills (P-LIT 1).

5. Gallery Walk (15 minutes):

Let children display their artwork in a “gallery walk.” This activity encourages appreciation for the work of others and allows for an expression of interest (P-ATL 11).

6. Reflection (10 minutes):

End the lesson with a group discussion. Ask the children to share their thoughts about fall and what they learned and enjoyed most about the activities.


Assess the children’s engagement in the activities, their understanding of the fall season, and their ability to observe and describe.

Alignment with Reggio Emilia Approach:

This lesson plan is in line with the Reggio Emilia approach, which values children’s ability to explore, observe, express themselves, and appreciate others’ work. The activities are designed to be hands-on, encouraging children to actively engage with the environment and learn from it.

Link to ELOF:

This lesson plan allows children to explore the fall season in various ways, helping them to observe and describe phenomena (P-SCI 1), adjust their thinking and behavior (P-ATL 6), repeat phrases or refrains (P-LIT 1), and express interest and appreciation (P-ATL 11).






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