Exploring Paris with Madeline

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Learning Madeline Book, Maria Montessori philosophy

Title: “Exploring Paris with ‘Madeline'”

Age Group: Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Learning Framework: Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – USA

Educational Approach: Montessori Method

Learning Outcomes (Based on ELOF):

  1. Language and Literacy: Improve listening comprehension and extend vocabulary through story discussion and language-focused activities.
  2. Cognition: Develop an understanding of different cultures and environments, fostering a global mindset.
  3. Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Enhance fine motor skills through hands-on activities.
  4. Approaches to Learning: Foster problem-solving skills and encourage independence.
  5. Social and Emotional Development: Understand and express feelings related to the story.

Resources Needed:

  • The book “Madeline” by Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Art supplies (paper, colored pencils, markers, etc.)
  • Materials for Montessori-based activities (cylinder blocks, tracing letters, etc.)

Lesson Plan:

1. Story Introduction (15 minutes):

Introduce and read “Madeline” to the children. Engage them with the story by asking questions and encouraging predictions.

2. Story Discussion (15 minutes):

Discuss the story, focusing on Madeline’s courage and the setting of Paris. Explain how Paris is a real city in France and talk about its features shown in the book (Eiffel Tower, old houses, etc.).

3. Craft Activity – Creating a Parisian Scene (30 minutes):

Provide art supplies for children to create their own Parisian scene inspired by the story. This activity fosters creativity and fine motor skills.

4. Montessori Activity – Language and Geography (30 minutes):

  • Language: Introduce a few simple French words from the story. Use Montessori language materials, like sandpaper letters, for children to trace and learn these words.
  • Geography: Show children a globe or map, find France, and relate it to the story of Madeline.

5. Reflection and Conclusion (20 minutes):

Revisit the story and discuss Madeline’s bravery. Ask the children if they would like to visit Paris and why. Discuss the importance of knowing about different parts of the world.


Evaluate children’s understanding of the story, their engagement in the discussion and activities, and their ability to connect the story to the wider world.

Alignment with Montessori Method:

This lesson plan aligns with the Montessori method through its emphasis on active, hands-on learning, child-led activities, real-world application, and the integration of subjects (language, geography, art).

Link to ELOF:

The lesson plan addresses all five domains of the ELOF – language and literacy, cognition, approaches to learning, social and emotional development, and perceptual, motor, and physical development. This ensures a well-rounded and enriching learning experience for the preschool children.






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