Exploring September: Learning About Labor Day (Montessori USA)

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on September (Montessori USA), Montessori philosophy

Title: “Exploring September: Learning About Labor Day”

Age Group: Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Learning Framework: Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – USA

Educational Approach: Maria Montessori

Learning Outcomes (Based on ELOF):

  1. Social and Emotional Development: Children will understand the concept of occupations and the importance of work.
  2. Language and Literacy: Children will improve their vocabulary by learning about various occupations.
  3. Cognition: Children will grasp the concept of Labor Day and its significance.
  4. Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Children will engage in practical life activities related to different professions.

Resources Needed:

  • Books and pictures about various occupations and Labor Day
  • Dress-up clothes and props representing different occupations
  • Craft materials for creating occupational tools

Lesson Plan:

1. Introduction (10 minutes)

Begin by explaining Labor Day in an age-appropriate manner. Describe it as a day to appreciate people’s work in different jobs.

2. Storytelling and Discussion (15 minutes)

Read a story about different jobs and discuss the work people do. Ask children about the jobs their parents do.

3. Montessori Jobs Activity (30 minutes)

Set up stations with different job-themed activities. These could include:

  • Doctor: Provide a doctor’s kit with toy stethoscope, bandages, etc.
  • Chef: Set up a cooking station with toy food and utensils.
  • Gardener: Include a gardening station with toy shovels, artificial plants, etc.

Allow the children to explore the stations independently, encouraging them to practice the roles of different workers.

4. Arts and Crafts (30 minutes)

Let the children create craft items related to different occupations, such as a paper chef’s hat or a cardboard stethoscope.

5. Outdoor Play (30 minutes)

Encourage role-playing different jobs during outdoor play, fostering motor skills and cooperation.

6. Reflection and Discussion (15 minutes)

End the day with a discussion about the jobs they liked and what they learned about work and Labor Day.


Observe children’s understanding of different occupations, their participation in role-play, and their ability to express what they’ve learned.

Alignment with Maria Montessori’s Approach:

This lesson plan incorporates Montessori’s emphasis on self-directed, experiential learning. The hands-on activities are designed to be developmentally appropriate and align with Montessori’s practical life exercises, which help children to understand their world and develop motor skills, concentration, and a sense of responsibility.

Link to ELOF:

The lesson plan addresses key ELOF domains, such as social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition, and perceptual, motor, and physical development. It does so through experiential learning, which allows children to learn in a holistic manner and in context.






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