June Jubilee: An Exploration of Flag Day and Juneteenth (Reggio USA)

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on June (Reggio USA), Reggio philosophy

Title: “June Jubilee: An Exploration of Flag Day and Juneteenth”

Age Group: Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Learning Framework: Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – USA

Educational Approach: Reggio Emilia Approach

Learning Outcomes (Based on ELOF):

  1. Social and Emotional Development: Children will develop an understanding of and respect for different cultures and traditions.
  2. Language and Literacy: Children will enhance their vocabulary and language comprehension related to important events in June.
  3. Cognition: Children will understand the concept of historical events and their importance.
  4. Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Children will develop their fine motor skills through a variety of hands-on activities.

Resources Needed:

  • Images of American flag and Juneteenth celebrations
  • Art materials: colored papers, paint, glue, and scissors
  • Age-appropriate books about Flag Day and Juneteenth

Lesson Plan:

1. Group Discussion (15 minutes)

Introduce Flag Day and Juneteenth by showing pictures and reading short age-appropriate stories. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate curiosity.

2. Flag Day Exploration (45 minutes)

Explain the meaning and significance of the American flag.

Activity: Invite the children to recreate the American flag using colored paper and glue. Encourage them to share their creations and express what the flag represents to them.

3. Outdoor Play (30 minutes)

Enable children to explore the outdoor environment freely, fostering their curiosity and creativity.

4. Juneteenth Exploration (45 minutes)

Introduce Juneteenth, focusing on the themes of freedom and unity.

Activity: Provide painting materials and ask the children to depict their understanding of freedom and unity. Create a display of the children’s art in the classroom.

5. Reflection and Sharing (15 minutes)

Allow the children to share their artwork and discuss what they’ve learned about Flag Day and Juneteenth.


Observe the children’s understanding through their participation in discussions and activities, and their ability to express their ideas through art.

Alignment with Reggio Emilia Approach:

This lesson plan aligns with the Reggio Emilia approach by fostering children’s curiosity and creativity, encouraging self-expression through art, and valuing children’s voices and perspectives in the learning process.

Link to ELOF:

The lesson plan incorporates several key domains of the ELOF, including social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition, and perceptual, motor, and physical development. Through engaging and hands-on activities, children will develop these skills in a meaningful context.






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