Lesson Plan on August (Steiner United Kingdom)

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Preschool / Nursery School / EYFS Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on August (Steiner United Kingdom), Steiner philosophy

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1. The August Bank Holiday is a major event in the United Kingdom, celebrated on the last Monday of the month. It is a public holiday and marks the end of the summer season. 2. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is another major event in August, attracting thousands of visitors to the Scottish capital. It is the largest arts festival in the world and features a wide range of performances, from comedy to theatre to music. Preschool learning environments could be created around these events by incorporating themes of summer, holidays, and travel. For example, a classroom could be decorated with beach and vacation-themed items, such as sand buckets, beach balls, and maps. Teachers could also incorporate activities that involve learning about different cultures and countries, such as making flags or learning basic phrases in different languages. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include creating a “summer bucket list” of fun activities to do during the last days of summer, learning about different types of transportation and how people travel during the holidays, and exploring different types of art and performance through storytelling and role-playing. Teachers could also incorporate lessons on safety during travel and the importance of taking care of the environment while on vacation


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