Lesson Plan on Construction (Bronfenbrenner New Zealand)

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Kindergarten / ECE Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Construction (Bronfenbrenner New Zealand), Bronfenbrenner philosophy

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It is important to provide children with a strong foundation in construction skills as it helps to develop their problem-solving abilities, spatial awareness, and creativity. These skills are essential for their future academic and professional success.

Preschool learning environments that could be created to teach construction skills include building blocks, puzzles, and other manipulatives that allow children to experiment with different shapes and structures. Teachers could also incorporate outdoor play areas with sandboxes, water tables, and other materials that encourage children to build and create.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for teaching construction skills could include activities such as building towers with blocks, creating structures with playdough, and designing and building their own cardboard houses. Teachers could also incorporate lessons on safety and teamwork, as well as encourage children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to create unique structures


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