Lesson Plan on Construction (Erikson Philippines)

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Kindergarten / Preschool / Vorschule / Pre-Elementary Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Construction (Erikson Philippines), Erikson philosophy

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It is important to incorporate construction activities in preschool learning environments as it helps children develop their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. It also promotes teamwork and collaboration among children.

Preschool learning environments that could be created to teach construction could include building blocks, Legos, and other manipulatives that allow children to create and construct. Teachers could also set up a construction area with various materials such as cardboard boxes, paper tubes, and tape for children to build and create their own structures.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for construction could include building a bridge using blocks or creating a city using cardboard boxes. Teachers could also incorporate literature by reading books such as “The Three Little Pigs” and having children build their own houses using different materials. Additionally, teachers could introduce basic engineering concepts by having children build structures that can withstand weight or wind




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