Lesson Plan on Construction (Montessori India)

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Pre-Primary / LKG / UKG / KG Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Construction (Montessori India), Montessori philosophy

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Construction is an important aspect of preschool education as it helps children develop their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity. It also encourages children to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with their peers.

To create a conducive learning environment for construction-based activities, preschools could provide a variety of building materials such as blocks, Legos, and cardboard boxes. They could also set up designated areas for construction activities and provide tools such as scissors, glue, and tape.

Potential lesson plan ideas could include building structures using different materials, creating a collaborative mural, or designing and constructing a simple machine. These activities could be integrated into various subject areas such as science, math, and art to provide a well-rounded learning experience for preschoolers




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