Lesson Plan on December (Piaget USA)

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on December (Piaget USA), Piaget philosophy

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In December, the United States celebrates several major events including Christmas and Hanukkah. These holidays are marked by festive decorations, gift-giving, and special religious services. Preschool learning environments could be created around these events by incorporating holiday-themed decorations, books, and activities. For example, a Christmas tree could be set up in the classroom and children could make ornaments to hang on it. Hanukkah candles could be lit each day and children could learn about the story behind the holiday. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include reading holiday-themed books, making holiday crafts, and learning about different holiday traditions. For Christmas, children could make gingerbread houses or learn about the story of the Nativity. For Hanukkah, children could make dreidels or learn about the history of the holiday. These lesson plans could help children learn about different cultures and traditions while also having fun and being creative






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