Lesson Plan on Friendship (Piaget Canada)

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Kindergarten / Preschool / SK / Pre-Elementary / ECEC Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Friendship (Piaget Canada), Piaget philosophy

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Understanding and developing friendships is an important aspect of social and emotional development in young children. It helps them learn how to communicate, share, and empathize with others, which are essential skills for success in school and life.

Preschool learning environments that promote friendship could include activities that encourage children to work together, such as building with blocks or playing games. Teachers could also create opportunities for children to share their interests and experiences with each other, such as show-and-tell or group discussions. Additionally, creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture where children feel safe and respected can help foster friendships.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include reading books about friendship, discussing what it means to be a good friend, and practicing social skills through role-playing activities. Teachers could also plan group projects or games that require cooperation and teamwork, such as creating a mural or playing a group sport. Overall, incorporating friendship into the preschool curriculum can help children develop important social and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives




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