Lesson Plan on Friendship (Reggio United Kingdom)

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Preschool / Nursery School / EYFS Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Friendship (Reggio United Kingdom), Reggio philosophy

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Friendship is an important aspect of social and emotional development in young children. It helps them build positive relationships, develop empathy, and learn important social skills.

To create a preschool learning environment that fosters friendship, educators could incorporate activities that encourage collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. For example, they could set up small group projects where children work together to create something, or have them participate in group games that require teamwork and cooperation. The physical environment could also be designed to promote social interaction, with cozy reading nooks and comfortable seating areas where children can gather and chat.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include reading books about friendship and discussing the characters’ relationships, creating art projects that involve working together, and role-playing scenarios where children practice conflict resolution and empathy. Teachers could also incorporate activities that encourage children to share their interests and hobbies with each other, helping them find common ground and build connections. Overall, creating a preschool learning environment that prioritizes friendship can help children develop important social and emotional skills that will serve them well throughout their lives


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