Lesson Plan on I’ve Loved You Since Forever (Steiner Philippines)

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Kindergarten / Preschool / Vorschule / Pre-Elementary Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on I’ve Loved You Since Forever (Steiner Philippines), Steiner philosophy

Title: Exploring Central Themes in “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” – A Rudolf Steiner-inspired Kindergarten Lesson Plan

Grade Level: Kindergarten / Preschool / Vorschule / Pre-Elementary
Subject: Language Arts / Literature
Duration: 3-4 sessions (approximately 30-40 minutes each)

Curriculum Standards:
This lesson plan aligns with the Philippines’ Kindergarten Curriculum Framework (KCF) for Language Arts, specifically focusing on the following learning areas:
1. Listening and Speaking
2. Reading and Viewing
3. Writing and Representing

Theorist: Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy emphasizes holistic development, nurturing the child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. His approach encourages experiential learning, artistic expression, and the integration of various subjects.

Lesson Objectives:
1. Students will develop listening and speaking skills by actively participating in discussions related to the central themes of the book.
2. Students will enhance their reading and viewing skills by engaging with the text and illustrations of “I’ve Loved You Since Forever.”
3. Students will foster creativity and imagination through artistic activities inspired by the book.
4. Students will practice writing and representing skills by creating their own short stories or poems.

1. “I’ve Loved You Since Forever” by Hoda Kotb (or a similar book with themes of love, family, and nature)
2. Chart paper and markers
3. Art supplies (colored pencils, crayons, markers, etc.)
4. Construction paper
5. Scissors
6. Glue sticks
7. Writing paper or journals


Session 1: Introduction and Storytelling
1. Begin the lesson by gathering students in a circle and introducing the book “I’ve Loved You Since Forever.” Explain that the book explores themes of love, family, and nature.
2. Read the book aloud, pausing occasionally to ask questions and encourage students to make connections with their own experiences.
3. After reading, facilitate a class discussion using open-ended questions:
– What did you notice about the book’s illustrations?
– How did the book make you feel?
– Can you relate to any of the experiences or feelings in the book?
4. Record students’ responses on chart paper, creating a visual representation of their thoughts and emotions.

Session 2: Artistic Expression
1. Review the central themes discussed in the previous session.
2. Provide students with art supplies and construction paper.
3. Instruct students to create their own illustrations inspired by the book’s themes. Encourage them to use colors and shapes that reflect their emotions and imagination.
4. After completing their artwork, allow students to share their creations with the class. Encourage them to describe their illustrations and explain how they relate to the book.

Session 3: Writing and Representing
1. Recap the central themes and the students’ artwork from the previous sessions.
2. Introduce the concept of storytelling and explain that students will create their own short stories or poems inspired by the book.
3. Provide writing paper or journals for students to write or draw their stories.
4. Encourage students to incorporate the themes of love, family, and nature into their stories. Remind them to use their imagination and creativity.
5. Allow students time to work on their stories individually or in small groups.
6. Once completed, invite students to share their stories with the class. Encourage active listening and positive feedback.

Session 4 (Optional): Culminating Activity
1. If time permits, organize a culminating activity to celebrate the students’ work.
2. This could include a small exhibition of their artwork and a storytelling session where students can share their stories or poems with parents or other classes.
3. Encourage students to reflect on their learning journey and express their feelings about the book and the activities they participated in.

1. Formative assessment can be conducted throughout the lesson by observing students’ active participation in discussions, engagement in artistic activities, and their ability to express their thoughts and emotions.
2. Summative assessment can be done by reviewing students’ written stories or poems, focusing on their ability to incorporate the central themes and their creativity in storytelling.

Extension Activities:
1. Invite parents or family members to share their own stories of love, family, and nature with the class.
2. Explore other books with similar themes and compare them to “I’ve Loved You Since Forever.”
3. Create a class mural or collage using students’ artwork and display it in the school or classroom.

Note: This lesson plan can be adapted to suit the specific needs and time constraints of the classroom




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