Lesson Plan on July (Gardner Australia)

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Kinder / Preschool / ELC Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on July (Gardner Australia), Gardner philosophy

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In July, Australia celebrates NAIDOC Week, which honors the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Additionally, the country commemorates National Tree Day, a day dedicated to planting and caring for trees to promote environmental sustainability. Preschool learning environments could be created around these events by incorporating cultural activities and nature-based experiences. For NAIDOC Week, children could learn about Indigenous art, music, and storytelling, as well as participate in traditional games and activities. National Tree Day could involve planting and caring for trees in a designated outdoor area, as well as learning about the importance of trees in the environment. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for NAIDOC Week could include creating artwork inspired by Indigenous artists, learning about Dreamtime stories and their significance, and exploring traditional Indigenous instruments and music. For National Tree Day, lesson plans could involve learning about the different types of trees and their benefits, planting and caring for trees, and exploring the role of trees in the ecosystem. These activities could help children develop an appreciation for cultural diversity and environmental sustainability




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