Lesson Plan on July (Reggio Japan)

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Kindergarten / Yochien / Hoiku Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on July (Reggio Japan), Reggio philosophy

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In July, Japan celebrates the Tanabata Festival, which is based on a Chinese legend about two lovers who are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. Another major event in July is the Gion Matsuri festival in Kyoto, which is one of the most famous festivals in Japan and features elaborate floats and traditional performances. Preschool learning environments could be created around these events by incorporating traditional Japanese decorations and cultural elements into the classroom. For example, teachers could hang colorful paper streamers and origami decorations, display pictures of the Tanabata Festival and Gion Matsuri floats, and play traditional Japanese music. They could also introduce children to Japanese customs and traditions, such as writing wishes on paper strips and hanging them on bamboo branches during the Tanabata Festival. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include teaching children about Japanese culture and traditions, such as the importance of respect and harmony in Japanese society. Teachers could also introduce children to basic Japanese vocabulary and phrases, such as greetings and numbers, and encourage them to try traditional Japanese foods and games. Additionally, teachers could incorporate art and music activities that reflect Japanese culture, such as creating origami animals or learning traditional Japanese songs and dances




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