Lesson Plan on Letters and Sounds (Steiner New Zealand)

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Kindergarten / ECE Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Letters and Sounds (Steiner New Zealand), Steiner philosophy

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It is important to teach children letters and sounds in preschool as it is the foundation for reading and writing, which are essential skills for success in school and life. Additionally, learning letters and sounds helps children develop phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds in words. In a Steiner preschool learning environment, teachers could create a literacy-rich environment that includes books, posters, and other materials that feature letters and sounds. They could also incorporate hands-on activities, such as letter matching games and phonics puzzles, to help children learn and practice letters and sounds. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for teaching letters and sounds in a Steiner education setting could include activities such as singing songs that focus on letter sounds, playing games that involve identifying and matching letters, and reading stories that feature letter sounds. Teachers could also incorporate movement and art activities, such as drawing letters in sand or creating letter collages, to help children engage with letters and sounds in a fun and creative way


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