Lesson Plan on Love You Forever (Montessori Canada)

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Kindergarten / Preschool / SK / Pre-Elementary / ECEC Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Love You Forever (Montessori Canada), Montessori philosophy

Title: Exploring Love and Relationships through “Love You Forever” – A Montessori-inspired Lesson Plan for Kindergarten/Preschool Students in Canada

Grade Level: Kindergarten/Preschool/SK/Pre-Elementary/ECEC
Subject: Language Arts
Duration: 2-3 lessons (30-45 minutes each)

Curriculum Connections:
– English Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Oral Communication
– Social Studies: Relationships and Family
– Health and Physical Education: Emotional Well-being

Theorist: Maria Montessori

Lesson Objectives:
1. Students will develop an understanding of the central themes in the children’s book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.
2. Students will explore the concepts of love, family, and relationships.
3. Students will engage in language activities to enhance their reading, writing, and oral communication skills.
4. Students will reflect on their own emotions and develop empathy towards others.

– “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch
– Chart paper and markers
– Drawing materials (crayons, markers, pencils)
– Construction paper
– Scissors and glue
– Story sequencing cards (optional)
– Blank writing paper


Pre-lesson Preparation:
1. Read and familiarize yourself with the book “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.
2. Prepare chart paper with the following headings: Love, Family, Relationships.
3. Create a sample drawing or craft activity related to the book’s theme.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Book and Themes (30 minutes)

1. Begin by gathering students in a circle and introduce the book “Love You Forever.” Show them the cover and ask if anyone has read it before.
2. Read the book aloud, pausing occasionally to discuss the illustrations and ask questions about the story.
3. After reading, engage students in a brief discussion about the book’s central themes. Write their responses on the chart paper under the respective headings: Love, Family, Relationships.
4. Show the sample drawing or craft activity related to the book’s theme and explain that students will have an opportunity to create their own artwork later.

Lesson 2: Exploring Love and Relationships (45 minutes)

1. Begin by revisiting the chart paper from the previous lesson. Review the headings and ask students to share their thoughts on each theme.
2. Engage students in a brainstorming session about different types of relationships they have in their lives (e.g., family, friends, pets). Write their responses on the chart paper.
3. Provide each student with a blank piece of writing paper and ask them to draw a picture of someone they love or have a special relationship with. Encourage them to label or write a short sentence about the person.
4. After completing their drawings, invite students to share their artwork with the class. Encourage them to explain why they chose that person and how they feel about them.
5. Display the drawings in the classroom or create a class book with the students’ artwork.

Lesson 3: Writing and Reflection (45 minutes)

1. Begin by reviewing the book “Love You Forever” and its themes.
2. Ask students to reflect on the story and discuss their favorite parts or characters. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings.
3. Provide each student with a piece of construction paper and ask them to create a cover for their own version of “Love You Forever.” They can use drawings, cut-out pictures, or magazine clippings to represent their favorite parts of the story.
4. Once the covers are complete, provide each student with blank writing paper and ask them to write or dictate a short story about someone they love or a special relationship they have. Encourage them to include details and emotions.
5. After completing their stories, invite students to share their work with a partner or in small groups. Encourage active listening and respectful feedback.
6. Display the covers and stories in the classroom or create a class book with the students’ work.

– Observe students’ participation and engagement during discussions and activities.
– Assess students’ ability to express their thoughts and emotions through drawings and writing.
– Evaluate students’ understanding of the central themes by reviewing their contributions to the chart paper and their reflections in their stories.

Extension Activities:
1. Create story sequencing cards for “Love You Forever” and ask students to put them in the correct order.
2. Invite students to act out scenes from the book or create a puppet show based on the story.
3. Explore other books by Robert Munsch and compare the themes and writing styles.
4. Discuss different ways to show love and kindness towards others and encourage students to practice these actions in their daily lives.

By incorporating the Montessori approach, this comprehensive lesson plan aims to engage students in active learning, promote creativity, and foster emotional development. It aligns with the Canadian curriculum and encourages students to explore the central themes of “Love You Forever” while enhancing their language skills and understanding of relationships




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