Lesson Plan on May (Erikson New Zealand)

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Kindergarten / ECE Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on May (Erikson New Zealand), Erikson philosophy

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May is marked by two major events – Mother’s Day and New Zealand Music Month. Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and is a day to honor and appreciate mothers and mother figures. New Zealand Music Month is a month-long celebration of New Zealand music and musicians, with events and activities taking place throughout the country. Preschool learning environments can be created around these major events by incorporating activities that celebrate mothers and music. For Mother’s Day, children can create handmade cards and gifts for their mothers, learn songs and poems about mothers, and participate in activities that promote kindness and gratitude. For New Zealand Music Month, children can listen to and learn about different genres of New Zealand music, create their own musical instruments, and participate in music and movement activities. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for Mother’s Day could include reading books about mothers and families, creating a family tree, and making a special snack or meal for mothers. For New Zealand Music Month, lesson plan ideas could include listening to and learning about traditional Maori music, exploring different musical instruments, and creating a class song or musical performance. These activities not only promote learning and creativity but also help children develop important social and emotional skills such as empathy, communication, and teamwork


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