Lesson Plan on Music (Vygotsky New Zealand)

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Kindergarten / ECE Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Music (Vygotsky New Zealand), Vygotsky philosophy

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Music plays a crucial role in the development of young children, as it helps to enhance their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. It also promotes creativity, self-expression, and cultural awareness, making it an essential component of early childhood education.

Preschool learning environments that incorporate music can be designed to provide children with a range of experiences that promote their musical development. These environments could include musical instruments, such as drums, xylophones, and shakers, as well as a variety of songs and rhymes that encourage children to sing, dance, and move to the beat. Teachers could also incorporate music into other areas of the curriculum, such as literacy and numeracy, by using songs and chants to teach letters, numbers, and other concepts.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for teaching music could include activities such as singing and dancing to nursery rhymes, playing musical games, and exploring different types of instruments. Teachers could also introduce children to different genres of music from around the world, and encourage them to create their own music using a variety of instruments and materials. By incorporating music into their lesson plans, teachers can help children to develop a love of music and a lifelong appreciation for the arts


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