Lesson Plan on November (Vygotsky New Zealand)

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Kindergarten / ECE Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on November (Vygotsky New Zealand), Vygotsky philosophy

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In November, New Zealand celebrates its national holiday, known as “Labour Day,” which honors the country’s workers and their contributions to society. Additionally, the country also observes “Armistice Day” on November 11th, which commemorates the end of World War I and honors the sacrifices made by New Zealand’s soldiers. Preschool learning environments could be created around these events by incorporating themes of community, service, and gratitude. For example, teachers could set up a pretend “workplace” in the classroom where children can role-play different jobs and learn about the importance of different occupations. They could also create a “thankful tree” where children can write or draw things they are grateful for, or organize a class service project to help those in need. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include reading books about community helpers, such as firefighters, police officers, and doctors, and discussing their roles in society. Teachers could also lead discussions about the importance of teamwork and cooperation, and encourage children to work together on group projects. Additionally, they could teach children about the significance of Armistice Day and the sacrifices made by soldiers, and create art projects or write letters to veterans to show their appreciation


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