Lesson Plan on Reading (Froebel Australia)

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Kinder / Preschool / ELC Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Reading (Froebel Australia), Froebel philosophy

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It is important to create a strong foundation for literacy skills in preschool because it sets the stage for future academic success and lifelong learning. Children who develop strong reading skills early on are more likely to excel in school and have better opportunities in life.

Preschool learning environments that focus on literacy development should be designed to be engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate. This could include creating a cozy reading corner with a variety of books, incorporating literacy into play-based activities, and providing opportunities for children to practice writing and letter recognition.

Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for teaching reading could include reading aloud to the class, introducing letter sounds and sight words through games and activities, and encouraging children to create their own stories and books. It is important to make learning fun and engaging for young children, so incorporating music, movement, and hands-on activities can also be effective teaching strategies




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