Lesson Plan on Summer (Reggio India)

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Pre-Primary / LKG / UKG / KG Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Summer (Reggio India), Reggio philosophy

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The season of summer in India is characterized by hot and humid weather with temperatures often reaching above 40 degrees Celsius. Monsoon rains typically arrive towards the end of the season, bringing relief from the heat. Preschool learning environments during the summer season in India could incorporate activities that focus on water play, such as water tables, sprinklers, and water balloons. Sensory activities that involve ice and cold objects could also be included to help children cool down and explore different textures. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for the summer season in India could include learning about the water cycle, exploring different types of plants and animals that thrive in hot weather, and discussing ways to stay safe and healthy during the hot summer months. Art projects that incorporate bright colors and patterns inspired by traditional Indian textiles and designs could also be included




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