Lesson Plan on Winter (Froebel India)

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Pre-Primary / LKG / UKG / KG Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Winter (Froebel India), Froebel philosophy

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Winter in India typically lasts from December to February and is characterized by cool temperatures and occasional rainfall. In some regions, particularly in the northern parts of the country, snowfall is also common during this season. Preschool learning environments that could be created around the winter season in India could include sensory bins filled with fake snow, winter-themed art projects, and cozy reading nooks with books about winter and snow. Teachers could also incorporate winter clothing and accessories into dress-up areas and encourage children to explore the different textures and materials. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas for the winter season in India could include learning about different winter holidays celebrated in the country, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Teachers could also introduce children to different winter animals and their habitats, as well as the science behind snow and ice formation. Additionally, children could learn about winter sports and activities, such as ice skating and skiing, and participate in related physical activities and games




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