Lesson Plan on Writing (Gardner India)

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Pre-Primary / LKG / UKG / KG Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on Writing (Gardner India), Gardner philosophy

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It is important to incorporate Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in preschool education in India as it recognizes and values the diverse ways in which children learn and process information. This approach can help foster a love for learning and promote individualized learning experiences for each child. Preschool learning environments that incorporate Gardner’s theory could include a variety of activities and materials that cater to different intelligences. For example, a classroom could have a reading corner for linguistic learners, a sensory table for bodily-kinesthetic learners, and a music area for musical learners. Teachers could also incorporate technology, such as educational apps and games, to engage children who are more technologically inclined. Potential preschool lesson plan ideas could include a nature walk for naturalistic learners, a cooking activity for interpersonal learners, and a storytelling session for intrapersonal learners. Teachers could also incorporate group projects and discussions to promote collaboration and communication skills for children who are more socially oriented. Overall, incorporating Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in preschool education can help create a more inclusive and effective learning environment for all children




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