October Tales: A Journey Through Important Events (Reggio USA)

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Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plan – Lesson Plan on October (Reggio USA), Reggio philosophy

Title: “October Tales: A Journey Through Important Events”

Age Group: Preschool / Pre-Primary / Nursery / Pre-Kindergarten (3-5 years old)

Learning Framework: Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) – USA

Educational Approach: Reggio Emilia

Learning Outcomes (Based on ELOF):

  1. Social and Emotional Development: Understanding of shared traditions and community events.
  2. Language and Literacy: Engage in conversations and express ideas related to Columbus Day and Halloween.
  3. Cognition: Understand the cultural significance of the events in October.
  4. Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development: Enhance fine motor skills through arts and crafts related to October events.

Resources Needed:

  • Storybooks about Columbus Day and Halloween
  • Art supplies for drawing and crafting
  • Decorative materials for classroom
  • Photos and videos of October events

Lesson Plan:

1. Welcome Circle (15 minutes):

Begin with a circle time, inviting children to share their experiences or knowledge about October and its associated events, i.e., Columbus Day and Halloween.

2. Interactive Storytelling (30 minutes):

Read aloud a story related to Columbus Day. Allow the children to ask questions, make comments, and engage in a conversation about the story. This caters to the child’s “hundred languages” as highlighted in the Reggio Emilia approach.

3. Documentation and Exploration (30 minutes):

Show the children pictures and videos related to Columbus Day, highlighting the celebrations and traditions. Discuss these and encourage the children to share their thoughts and feelings.

4. Arts and Crafts (30 minutes):

Facilitate a creative activity, such as making paper boats or creating a Columbus Day inspired mural. Encourage children to collaborate, enhancing their social skills and reflecting the Reggio Emilia emphasis on cooperative learning.

5. Lunch and Rest Time (60 minutes):

6. Interactive Storytelling (30 minutes):

Read a story related to Halloween. Facilitate a discussion, encouraging the children to share their experiences and knowledge about the holiday.

7. Documentation and Exploration (30 minutes):

Similar to the morning session, show pictures and videos related to Halloween, discussing the costumes, traditions, and the concept of ‘trick or treat’.

8. Arts and Crafts (30 minutes):

Facilitate a creative activity, such as making masks, pumpkin crafts, or a Halloween-themed mural. This encourages self-expression, creativity, and fine motor skills development.

9. Reflection Time (15 minutes):

End the day with a reflection session where children can share their favorite parts of the day, what they learned, and their creations. Display their artwork in the classroom, reflecting the Reggio Emilia approach’s emphasis on the environment as the “third teacher”.


Observation of children’s participation, communication, and engagement in activities will help assess their understanding. The artwork created by the children will also provide insights into their perception and understanding of the October events.

Alignment with Reggio Emilia’s Approach:

This lesson plan aligns with the Reggio Emilia approach by encouraging exploration, dialogue, and creativity. It engages the children in cooperative activities and allows them to express their “hundred languages” through various mediums.

Link to ELOF:

The lesson plan covers multiple ELOF domains, promoting social and emotional development, language and literacy, cognition, and perceptual, motor, and physical development. It encourages children’s active learning, critical thinking, creativity, and social engagement.






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